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Sunday, September 26

LETS CHAT ,,,,,,,

if you want chat with  me do it !
add me in your  yahoo messenger list  - lets be friends
i will add you.

just leave a comment with email or messenger ID and i will contact you

 i like to meet nice and kind guys ( rude person - please ignor me)

Saturday, September 25

HELLO TO ALL - THATS ME ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

i am joy from philippines, 24 years old and a single mom.i am a simply and sweet girl . in this way i am searching to find new friends from allover the world.
maybe in this way i also can find a good husband for me.

i dont need rich guy - not handsome  but he need be a good guy with good heart and accept me how and who i am.
ofcourse he need accept my son too.